don’t stop me noww

I dunno what to say to justify my obsession with a triangle;;

glasses and bromances are such magical things

never forget mazerunner -Mariana's trash of friend

never forget the worst movie adaptation since the percy jackson movies

god bless i hope they never make the second movie

Lorde - Ribs
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Ribs - Lorde

This dream isn’t feeling sweet…

god he’s such a noob (.`・﹏・´.)

god he’s such a noob (.`・﹏・´.)

Yo!! so I know Blood of Olympus came out and I just wanna say that if…by any chance I happen to draw something spoilery/general book stuff I’m gonna tag it as #BoO spoilers & #Kay reads boo . I’ll try to avoid drawing anything pertaining to major spoilers for a bit but oh god too many scenes I wanna draw;;